Posted by , on December 19, 2018

What is Enumivo?

Enumivo is a scalable blockchain solution which is a fork of the EOSIO software created by Block.One. It offers matching functionality and can provide developers with the same transaction throughput as EOS at a fraction of the price.

Who Created it?

The Enumivo project was created by an anonymous entity known as Aiden Pearce. It was released to the world through an announcement on the popular Bitcointalk forum. Since the first announcement Aiden has been ever-present in the official Enumivo Telegram chat and actively working toward expanding the reach of the project with the Enumivo community.

Why Create it?

The project was created as a means of delivering a unique universal basic income (UBI) decentalised application (dApp). This dApp will enable all living citizens of earth to claim a regular income should they wish to do so. It was also created as a means of providing developers with a powerful blockchain solution, which can host their dApp, at a lower cost than that of EOS.

How is it Funded?

The Enumivo project has, thus far, been entirely self-funded. The ENU token was distributed via a self-claim airdrop form on the Ethereum network. All accomplishments thus far have been achieved using the power of the Enumivo community and the ENU development fund which was set at 100m ENU.

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