Posted by , on January 4, 2019
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Showing results for: 31632d9e43bfe13b3681831ccccbac4721affc4485aec4362e4b09d5dd5c79de
CPU: 746
NET: 41
Acting Account: dicegame.enu
Sender: dicegame.enu
Receiver: taylorswift1
Receiver: 200.0000 HAPPY
Permission Status: airdrop
Token Contract: token.happy
Inline Transactions: 3
Block Time: Monday 15th of April 2019 at 04:11:59 AM
Block Number: 53933536
Last Irreversible Block: 66027963
Memo: 4th round airdrop, https://enubet.com update a new version, better experience, win ENU and mining HAPPY token. 上 http://enubet.com 玩DICE ,挖HAPPY代币,TP钱包和麦子钱包都能玩啦。

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