Over the past couple of months the Enumivo project has evolved in a number of ways and, instead of writing multiple posts to outline each new detail about our advancements, I thought I would write an all encompassing development update post.

For those of you which are regulars in either the official Enumivo Telegram group, or the official Enumivo community at enumivo.com, a lot of this information will, no doubt, be already known to you. However, Enumivo community members which are less in the know will, most likely, find some new and useful (I hope) information from here-on-in

Republic of Enumivo Disbanded

As briefly mentioned within the official announcement of the Enumivo FaceID beta test, as of March 31st 2019, the previously assembled Republic of Enumivo (RoE) has been officially disbanded. Those of you which were previously members of the RoE will already be aware of the fact that it was an attempt at providing a decentralised governance and KYC system in one motion.

The plan with it was to simply allow already trusted members of the community to vote on matters regarding the Enumivo blockchain, its development and its governance. Said trusted members were also responsible for managing a generous bounty, which was donated by Enumivo founder, Aiden Pearce, and using it to pay themselves a salary while funding external projects which benefitted the Enumivo project.

The RoE project was always intended to be in a state of experimentation/examination while in its infancy and, if it had performed as desired, would have been tasked with management of the ENU savings fund. However, as the experiment failed to deliver on its goals, Aiden Pearce took the important decision to disband the RoE and move on with a the current ENU FaceID KYC system, which will (hopefully) be merged with a proposed Web of Trust system.

Enumivo Face ID Beta Test and Bounty

The Enumivo FaceID system is one which aims to provide the Enumivo ecosystem with an entirely non-intrusive KYC system. Since its inception, the Enumivo project has attempted to solve the issue of proving the uniqueness of people involved with the community. Sadly, previous approaches such as Enumivo Oracle and the RoE failed to deliver on their goals in a decentralised and efficient manner. The latest solution to the KYC issue aims to address all issues which were discovered in previous attempts while providing users with the utmost privacy.

The Enumivo FaceID system validates the uniqueness of applicants by requiring them to upload three selfies of themselves, while holding a piece of paper with a specific, and unique, blockhash. The uploaded photos are then analysed by an AI algorithm for facial similarities with previously verified applicants. The resulting application is then presented to the current pool of verified FaceID members. At this point verified members are tasked with voting on the authenticity of the application. If the AI algorithm suspects that an application matches a previously verified member’s facial details it will present both images in order to allow an accurate assessment.

The system protects its users’ privacy by failing to request any sensitive data from applicants. All it requires is the aforementioned photos are completed with a satisfactory quality. When users are voting on new applications they are only provided with the mentioned photos and the code which should be present within them.

FaceID Bounty

The FaceID bounty is one which seeks to share 300k ENU tokens between members of the Enumivo community who decide to take part in the system’s currently on going beta test.

The bounty will be issued on a sliding scale, between all users who participate, which uses a system of demerits. As all applications to the FaceID system are voted on by the community over a period of three days, demerits will only be issued to those who fail to vote on an application which fails to reach consensus, either way, within the three day voting window.

Payments will be issued in a way which sees the person who has the most demerits paid 20% of the ENU which is received by the person who has the least demerits. The beta test will be concluded on the 31st May 2019.

Web of Trust Beta Test

As mentioned, the above FaceID system will be, eventually, merged with a Web of Trust system which forms the basis of the initially promised Universal Basic Income dApp, proposed by Aiden Pearce at the time of Enumivo’s inception.

At present users who wish to test the proposed Web of Trust can do so by simply signing up at https://trustgraph.org. When you signup you will be rewarded with 100 tokens. These tokens do not hold any monetary value at present, they are essentially a numerical representation of your ‘trust’.

You are able to swap your trust tokens with anybody else who is registered on the system. When you do so you are essentially vouching for the authenticity of that person so you should only ever send or swap tokens with people which you genuinely know are real people.

The theory behind the WoT is one which is relying on people interacting with people they know in order to build an account with a reputable trust record. For example, an account which has been vouched for by multiple accounts which have also been vouched for is more than likely to be a genuine account. Whereas one which has only a few weak recommendations from other weak accounts is unlikely to be a genuine person.

As the WoT develops the Enumivo development team hope to able to merge it with the FaceID system and then store the data it acquires on the Enumivo blockchain. The combination of these systems will eventually form the basis of the UBI system promised at inception.

Love, peace and happiness.

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