I am taking over!

Posted by , on June 19, 2019
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What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. For a few times we had our chain almost died. Today was the worst. I was ready to let it go and let it die. However, in the next few days, I will run 30 nodes and take over the whole network if I still have the time to save it. This will mean I will take all the inflation and burn them all. This will be fair to everyone. The only risk is we will become centralized. With me taking over than letting it die, I choose to take over. That is, if I still have the time to make it within the next few days.

The chain will still run as normal but about 44M ENU under my control will vote all 30 nodes under me. If the community can beat my votes for another producer, then they deserve to join me and get their share of the inflation. This will go on until I will lose my voting power since I will continue to sell 1M monthly.

If you are a block producer who can convince the community to beat my votes, join me. I will burn all my producer income, you can keep yours. I will go on until all my 30 nodes are overcome by block producers that are voted by the community. I will gradually shutdown my 30 nodes one by one as they are replaced by real producers elected by ENU holders.

I want to make it clear that I own the 44M and I have full control how to spend it. With the rules of DPOS, I have all the right to do so, even sell them all at once. But I’m not stupid to do that, I value more my ENU than what is the price now. Forcing to sell it this cheap for a while now is a sacrifice I had to make in order to give others a chance to get it cheap and be part of governance. But unfortunately, other whales have different intentions and also claims to play by the rules. If I have to give the 44M for free to so many unique individuals I will if it will help the chain become more democratic.

If you don’t agree to any of my plans, or you oppose to it, you can stop me since it will take me days to prepare for the takeover. You can destroy the chain yourselves before I can save it, or you can collude and blacklist my account to prevent me from taking over. Then I will accept it and I will be gone if that happens. That is also a DPOS rule that I will have to respect.

The ENU swap is almost over. So far more than 150M ENU are not swapped. After the deadline, instead of the original plan to burn them all, I will take custody of the undistributed ENU, but I will not take ownership. I will find a way to distribute them either by airdropping to those who will take part of the voting and/or governance, or give them as rewards to the upcoming mm v2 + stablecoins. For as long as I can fairly distribute them, I will do it. This will also give the community more ENU to vote with and gradually replace my 30 nodes.

If you hold ENU and you don’t want to learn how to vote, you better sell them now since the 150M ENU that will go to those who are more active than you will highly devalue your ENU.

When I take over the network, I will burn all savings and do all upgrades. If you don’t want a centralized chain, we might as well kill it. Or push me out and you take over. You have your whales anyway and you can do it. It is your choice to stand in my way or stand aside. I will know your stand in the next few days.

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I am taking over!

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