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Posted by , on December 19, 2018
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The weakness of the UFE

The UFE was an attempt to have a decentralized governance system and in my opinion it has failed since most of the members became inactive. At first my proposal was to have a monthly voting to remove the weakest member and be replaced by the strongest member waiting in the pool. The members decided not to follow that rule and since I promised not to interfere with them as much as possible, it seemed they will get paid monthly and put the system on deadlock until the funds I gave to them will run out. However, I also said I will interfere only when there is abuse so I am now forced to stop the UFE since I can’t stand to see it continue as it is now.

The weakness of the Oracles System

The oracles system was also an attempt to have a decentralized governance system where community members vote on other community members they believe are valuable members of the community. By design it was supposed to be a democratic vote of unique individuals to reward other members who put in the effort to help the Enumivo project. The selection of Oracles are through a centralized kyc. Someone once asked me if oracle member A is also oracle member B, and by design no matter how I say that they are different individuals, I can’t prove to you beyond doubt that indeed they are without revealing their identities. That is the main disadvantage of a centralized oracle system, you will have to take my word for it. Also, I asked members of the community to document what they have done to help the project to get votes, it seems the oracle system becomes a popularity contest. The oracles don’t care who they vote they just want the rewards, and the community members ask for votes without actually doing something for the project.

My proposed solution: The Republic of Enumivo (RoE)

I propose a new governance system and attempt to make it as decentralized as possible. The Republic of Enumivo will be composed of productive individuals who are willing to join and help govern and move the project forward with their diverse skills. The RoE will be a virtual nation where citizens will govern all aspects of Enumivo. I propose each citizen be paid 5,000 ENU (or 500 USD max) monthly for as long as they are voted as citizens by other citizens and at the same time they contribute to the Enumivo project. The Republic of Enumivo will have more power than block producers since I will lend them voting rights of 50M ENU (diminishes by 1M every month).

Republic of Enumivo citizens must be unique individuals to prevent sybil attacks against our governance system. Everyone is expected to be vigilant enough to make sure that this is always the case. Every issue the RoE faces must be resolved by a democratic vote where each citizen is counted as one vote. RoE must be autonomous and have the best interest of the Enumivo project in mind in every decision they make.

In order to start the RoE, everyone interested to join will be asked the following:

1. They must create a new thread detailing of who they are, their skillset, what they will do to help the project (it must be easily verifiable), and document their activities to prove later that they indeed do what they promised. It is helpful also to reveal their identity in order to make sure they don’t already exist as citizens, any attempt to cheat by attempting to create multiple accounts to gain more must be and will be treated with maximum contempt by honest citizens. It may be possible to remain anonymous and still become a citizen but that would be more of the exception than the rule, since it would mean you are very popular or have proven to the community of your worth despite being anonymous. Applications are listed here: and it must have the title in this format forumname/mainnetaccount.

2. They must act as ambassadors to the Enumivo Project and act as reponsible citizens of RoE.

3. Be active and vigilant in activities pertaining to RoE and Enumivo, such as, but not limited to, vote on issues, design new rules, debate on issues, etc.

4. They must help govern other citizens by become judges themselves and act as check and balance to other citizens whether or not they are performing as what was expected of them based on the promises they made when they applied.

5. They must keep on finding ways to improve RoE and Enumivo and help each other bring out the best in everyone.

Initial Selection of Citizens

The plan is to make RoE fully launched and relatively decentralized by the end of the year and be fully autonomous starting January. Initially, I will select the candidates based on the application thread they will create. I will also give credit to those who have proven as valuable members of the community since the project started. By January, I am hoping there will be many citizens and they will govern and decide who to add and remove as citizens by voting. So from today until the end of December, it will be me selecting the initial citizens, and I will publish who will launch the RoE as citizens by the start of 2019. All citizens will be paid every start of the month. Every month there will be voting by the citizens who to remove as citizens and add as new citizens, so the population is expected to be very dynamic.

Funding of RoE

Initially, RoE will own the original budget of UFE and I will find a way to make it always funded (to be discussed further), final budget will be published before RoE officially launches, I’m estimating it is near 10M ENU. I will also propose that the unclaimed funds (about 160M ENU at the moment) be owned by RoE and they decide how to use it to benefit all ENU holders).


All the information above are subject to change and it is published to be open to debate and I will make a final publication before January as to who will start as RoE citizens. Please make your comments and sentiments known in this thread. You can also start joining and create your application thread and post it here Specific rules to avoid ambiguity will also be published prior to launch.


Citizens will be paid every beginning of the month the amount of 5,000 ENU or 500 USD whichever is lower.

New Location for RoE applications:

Please join the RoE Telegram group:

Article originally posted by Aiden Pearce here:

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