The Republic of Enumivo has Launched!

Posted by , on January 14, 2019
Official News

After much planning and preparation the Enumivo founder, Aiden Pearce, has taken the required step to set the Enumivo blockchain down the path of community control and full decentralisation, by launching the Republic of Enumivo (RoE). On January 1st 2019 The initial list of RoE pioneers was published on the official Enumivo forum and, as a result, the process by which the Enumivo community can govern itself was initiated.

What does this mean?

Simply put it means that, at any one point in time, a verified member of the RoE is now able to begin a motion regarding the management of the Enumivo blockchain. Said motion will then be voted on by the rest of the RoE and the outcome will be honoured by Aiden and the acting Enumivo community (within reason).

The exact rules for voting etc can be found on the official announcement made by Aiden, along with a list of the initial citizens, here:

Our First Vote!

As a result of the RoE being announced the community wasted no time in getting a motion setup. The motion was an attempt to secure the Enumivo blockchain by requiring all block producers who wish to receive voting from the proposed 50m ENU RoE voting fund to prove they are unique individuals by providing their real names and verifying them.

After much discussion the outcome of the motion was decided by a single vote in favour of keeping all BP details private. You can read the full motion dialogue on the following link:

What’s Next?

As you can imagine there will be numerous motions which are presented and resolved from this point on and they will ultimately decide the future direction of the Enumivo chain. If you would like to join please see the following link:

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