"All living beings are entitled to an equal share of the financial wealth generated from the Earth's natural resources."

Aiden Pearce (Enumivo Founder)

A Highly Scalable Blockchain Solution

The Enumivo blockchain is a community driven fork of the EOSIO software which was offered by Block.One. It provides the same functionality as EOS, but at a significantly lower cost to the developer and end user. Our goal is to create a fully decentralised and autonomous blockchain solution which provides the delivery mechanism for a unique Universal Basic Income dApp.

DPOS Verification

Community Focus

Enterprise Security

Airdropped Supply

Cost Effective

Global Reach

Expansion Ready


The ENU GUI is the official wallet used within the Enumivo network. It was originally forked from the EOS wallet by Gretmass and provides the ability to send/track tokens, buy/sell RAM, stake/unstake ENU coins, and vote for block producers.


Enumivo Block Explorer

The block explorer has been created in order to assist with tracking the actions of the Enumivo network. It was created by the Enumivo community and provides all the functionality of a traditional block explorer.


ENU Community

The ENU community is an online forum which supports the creation of clubs, groups, private conversation as well as the normal functionality of a traditional forum. It was created to be the main communication channel of the Enumivo community.


Republic of Enumivo

The Republic of Enumivo is an experimental collection of unique individuals which will, eventually, be the initial benefactors of the ENU UBI fund. They will also become a fully autonomous self governed society tasked with the continued progress of the Enumivo blockchain.


Compatible Wallets

The following wallets can be used to interact with the Enumivo blockchain. These wallets provide a variety of functionality. Some of the allow users to interact with dApps while some simply provide the ability to vote on block producers and send ENU. Click on each wallet to find out more about it.

Trading On

The ENU Token can be bought on any one of the following cryptocyrrency exchange systems. It can be bought with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOSIO (EOS) and others. The Enumivo team are dedicated to seeking partnership with more cryptocurrency exchanges and will announce any advancements which are made.

"The ultimate goal is to deliver a UBI dApp."

Aiden Pearce (Enumivo Founder)