The subject of identifying the number of unique members within the Enumivo community has been a long debated one, which holds great importance to the overall goal of the Enumivo project: deliver a unique Universal Basic Income decentralised application that provide’s all unique living citizens of the planet with a source of regular income.

Past Solutions

If you have been a member of our growing community long enough you may remember our first couple of attempts at tackling the issue of the enigmatic head count: Enumivo Oracle and the Republic of Enumivo.

Enumivo Oracle:
The Enumivo Oracle was a centralised identification system which required all applicants to submit an official, government issued, ID card or passport in order to gain a verified status. The plan was to then use the pool of ‘verified’ applicants as the recipients of the Enumivo UBI, as well as allowing them to benefit from other airdrops and giveaways which developers on the Enumivo blockchain decided to distribute. It was discontinued due to the fact that it was not fully in the spirit of blockchain technology – as applicants were required to submit genuine, government issued ID documents their ‘proof of uniqueness’ was not able to be posted into the public domain (for safety and privacy concerns). This meant there was no way of allowing people external from the team of assessors to verify the validity of the system, thus creating a system which required ‘trust’ in the assessors’ vigilance.

Republic of Enumivo:
The aforementioned Republic of Enumivo was a second attempt at providing the Enumivo blockchain with a system which would assist with verifying the uniqueness of ENU community members. This proposed system was one which was intended to be entirely self governing and, as a result, would be decentralised – if it succeeded in its task it would have been brought on chain to provide immutability of data. The RoE was intended to operate by allowing prominent community members to become the initial ‘citizens’ within the republic. Those citizens were then tasked with governing themselves, managing a significant fund of ENU (donated by Aiden Pearce) and introducing new members whom they determined to be unique and passionate about the project. The RoE was disbanded on March 31st 2019 as it did not fulfil its purpose as originally intended.


The latest attempt at tackling the issue of proving uniqueness of the Enumivo community comes in the form of a simple web app which asks verified members to assess the uniqueness of new applicants. The initial 50 members are to be internally assessed by a core team of ENU members and will more than likely contain prominent members of the Enumivo community. Once that target of 50 has been achieved the responsibility validating new applicants will be passed over to the 50 previously verified accounts.

In order to apply for a Face ID account the only information applicants are required to provide is an email address and their unique identifier is their face: to register applicants will provide three selfies of themselves (one facing straight on, one facing slightly left and one facing slightly right) while holding a block hash which is provided at the time of registration. By removing the need for applicants to provide any sensitive data at all the ENU Face ID system allows all accounts to be publicly scrutinised by anyone who is also verified. This removes the ‘trust’ issue which was present in the Oracle system and removes the inefficiencies of the RoE.

At present the Face ID system is being treated as a test so it is important to bear in mind that it could change and that there are bugs which need to be reported. However, it is a system which the Enumivo team are very confident in and, should it prove to pass our tests, it will eventually be moved on chain.

300K ENU Bounty

As a means of incentivising participation in the ENU Face ID test Aiden Pearce has put up a 300K ENU bounty. The bounty will be ongoing until the end of May 2019 and it will be split between all verified members which decide to take part in the experiment. Users which take part in the bounty will be rewarded with their share of the Face ID bounty fund after the end of May 2019 deadline.

In order to claim a share of the bounty community members are first requested to register on the Face ID platform. Once they have done so they will be required to wait for their application to be verified/deemed to be unique. Upon receiving confirmation of their application’s uniqueness users will then be able to vote on the validity of other pending applications. Each pending application will be votable during a three day assessment window, which will close early if a consensus is agreed upon by over 50% of the current pool of verified participants. All verified participants are requested to vote on all pending applications. The number of ENU tokens issued to participants will be determined via a system of demerits with the account which acquires the most demerits receiving 20% of the account which receives the fewest.

Demerits will be issued if verified participants fail to vote on a pending application which has not reached consensus within a three day assessment period. However, if a verified participant does not vote on an application which does reach consensus within the designated three day assessment period they will not be penalised with the issue of a demerit.

To participate in the ENU Face ID bounty head over to the following page:

To read the initial announcement from Aiden Pearce head to this page:


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